Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Is your Work Stress killing you?

Do you feel its all getting a little too much than what you bargained for?

Do you wish each day had 30 hours instead of the customary 24 hours?

Then you have come to the correct place because we seem to have the solution to all your problems.

The REWIND technique from All Sorts of Things, is a completely FREE and Open Source way to a tension free lifestyle. Moreover it is 100% tested (well not 100%), and has absolutely no side-effects(except a bit of drowsiness).

REWIND- the All Sorts Of Things way:

1. Get your Broadband modem to stop working ( I was lucky, mine stopped working by itself.)

2. Start watching all the movies you had downloaded all these days, but couldn't watch because every time you tried it, a hidden far-away voice in your head said, "Hey, you have WORK pending".

3. Sleep more.( Like if you went to sleep at 5:00 am, make sure you get to bed by 4:00 am, and wake up at 2:00 pm instead of 1:00 pm.)

4. Whenever there is a power-cut, don't sit there like a moron, waiting for it to come back... Get a nap.

5. Visit your dying Great-Grandmother. A few extra blessings won't hurt.

6. Catch up with the news papers. Start by that day's paper, finish only when you reach last week's.

7. Help your brothers with his Biology project on Cells. Get nostalgic with stencils that used to be your's someday.

8. Sit in front of the computer and stare at the Television..... Simultaneously !!!

9. Visit the Telephone Exchange everyday to get your modem replaced. Run around, make them feel your presence.

10. Finally when they say, "Sorry kid, Type I Modems are out of stock" and "I have no idea when the new stocks are coming!", give in to that little voice in your head, get a friend who'll be out of City for another 4 months, Go to your dear friend's house, whether his parent's allow you or not ...Get His Modem!!

Oh my dear Internet, 3 days without you is like a lifetime in misery!
(I should be seriously considering writing poetry)

1 comment:

Dip said...

Well thats always an option for u ... From a suposedly btech student to an aspiring 'DeeJay' (also an perspiring Peejay(er)), poetry is always a better option ....

Hail all Hail Poet Shrink ...
when will u start spending some ink?