Friday, June 20, 2008

Klose'r to the Semis !!!

Semis... Here We Come.

Ever got a feeling that you are more German than an Indian. Well that's victory for you!

First Bastian Schweinsteiger and then Miroslav Klose with a CoolAsIce header in quick succession. Well Portugal had their share of luck as well in the goal by Nuno Gomez.

The Second Half saw Micheal Ballack kick in another spectacular goal, from another of those awesome (no other way to describe it) pass from Schweinsteiger. Portugal struck back to make it 3-2.

But that was the 87th minute... and though not always, but in this case ....too late.

One of those matches in which you cannot restrain yourself from a "I knew they were going to win, I knew it from the very beginning."

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