Sunday, October 19, 2008

And we'r back...

I tried hard to not blog for sometime, but trust me it IS difficult.

So after spending half my Durga Puja Vacations getting sick and the other half recovering (not that I did not have fun in the process, and believe me A Lot of Fun) I decided to come back the Wednesday before classes start to begin(old habit).

While it was mostly because of the fact that the IT minister of Bengal and Prof. Sanker Sen of IOTA were going to visit my college on the 16th (they didn't), I always love to tell myself that I came back early because of a number of other reasons. Its always like that, there are always a number of reasons for making stupid decisions. Like me staying back this weekend, although I did not have enough money, clothes, warm blankets (ya, winter's approaching), a Mozilla Goodies Pack that just arrived home to bring to college (I can bring that next week but the thought of staying away from it one whole week..) and had a dance practice back home(no explanations for this one), I always like to believe I have better reasons to do otherwise, though I have none.

And I just bought a whole lot of Contact Lens Solution. More that I will ever need. I just finished a 60 ml bottle (which cost me Rs 100) in 3 months (and I just bought a pack of 360 ml+360 ml +60 ml = 780 ml of Lens Solution just because it was available for Rs 400(the pack had two Lens Cases too ). What am I going to do with so much of solution and no problem (OK, bad one!).

The black t-shirt I brought was good. Though mom's never going to pay for it. Nor the Lens Solution.

Anyway, guess I'll go back to watching the 3rd Season of "How I met your Mother". Let down as it is to everybody who asks me which episode I'm watching (they mean which episode of the Currently Airing 4th Season and I answer them I'm watching the 2nd Season) at least I'm watching the 3rd season now. Hope to be at par with the present by the time the weekend ends. (see again)