Friday, June 20, 2008


And then I decided I wont be Orkuting again.

But you know how it is. We cant just suddenly let go of something. Especially if that something is a Social Networking Website like Orkut, and especially when you have 440 odd Friends, most of 'Whom you do Know'.

I tried tricks, I changed my pic so that no one would know that was me.. even my name on the profile. I stopped being 'online' if you get what i mean. I stopped replying to random 'Hi's and 'Ssup's. 'Course I had Gtalk, and for the sad few who did not have Gtalk or don't know how to use it, Sad Luck.

Still I'd end up in there once in a fortnight, but that was improvement.

In the middle of all the commotion, Orkut released the 'Apps' feature, I thought maybe it was trying to get level with Facebook(which i think is better that Orkut, just that the Heart is where Friends are).

So when Prateek Dayal of Muziboo said that I had to make an Orkut app, I was just as apprehensive as him.


Had to request for a Orkut sandbox account first. That took some time. Started out with the Opensocial example, and guess what ... It Worked!! So I changed it so that I could send people G.P.L.'s( and I don't mean the GNU General Public License )instead of peanuts and hazelnuts that the app allowed me to send.

Then I Got started with the Muziboo app.

The first step was easy (Oh yaa ??!!). I had to fetch data from a XSPF (funny how that's pronounced, 'spiff') playlist and display it in the app. Me being ignorant and impatient as always started out wrong with using the AJAX XMLHttpRequst (oh, I love the thing) and failed miserably, again and again before realizing that it did not allow cross site requests.

Prateek pointed out that I should be reading the Opensocial specification closely, and .... Voila, the thing was working. I had made my first Orkut (useless but good for a start) app.

Way to go !!!

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Admiral Adney said...

Nice post...but i am curious that what are your current activities with ror development??? r u still in it?