Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Is your Work Stress killing you?

Do you feel its all getting a little too much than what you bargained for?

Do you wish each day had 30 hours instead of the customary 24 hours?

Then you have come to the correct place because we seem to have the solution to all your problems.

The REWIND technique from All Sorts of Things, is a completely FREE and Open Source way to a tension free lifestyle. Moreover it is 100% tested (well not 100%), and has absolutely no side-effects(except a bit of drowsiness).

REWIND- the All Sorts Of Things way:

1. Get your Broadband modem to stop working ( I was lucky, mine stopped working by itself.)

2. Start watching all the movies you had downloaded all these days, but couldn't watch because every time you tried it, a hidden far-away voice in your head said, "Hey, you have WORK pending".

3. Sleep more.( Like if you went to sleep at 5:00 am, make sure you get to bed by 4:00 am, and wake up at 2:00 pm instead of 1:00 pm.)

4. Whenever there is a power-cut, don't sit there like a moron, waiting for it to come back... Get a nap.

5. Visit your dying Great-Grandmother. A few extra blessings won't hurt.

6. Catch up with the news papers. Start by that day's paper, finish only when you reach last week's.

7. Help your brothers with his Biology project on Cells. Get nostalgic with stencils that used to be your's someday.

8. Sit in front of the computer and stare at the Television..... Simultaneously !!!

9. Visit the Telephone Exchange everyday to get your modem replaced. Run around, make them feel your presence.

10. Finally when they say, "Sorry kid, Type I Modems are out of stock" and "I have no idea when the new stocks are coming!", give in to that little voice in your head, get a friend who'll be out of City for another 4 months, Go to your dear friend's house, whether his parent's allow you or not ...Get His Modem!!

Oh my dear Internet, 3 days without you is like a lifetime in misery!
(I should be seriously considering writing poetry)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Klose'r to the Semis !!!

Semis... Here We Come.

Ever got a feeling that you are more German than an Indian. Well that's victory for you!

First Bastian Schweinsteiger and then Miroslav Klose with a CoolAsIce header in quick succession. Well Portugal had their share of luck as well in the goal by Nuno Gomez.

The Second Half saw Micheal Ballack kick in another spectacular goal, from another of those awesome (no other way to describe it) pass from Schweinsteiger. Portugal struck back to make it 3-2.

But that was the 87th minute... and though not always, but in this case ....too late.

One of those matches in which you cannot restrain yourself from a "I knew they were going to win, I knew it from the very beginning."


And then I decided I wont be Orkuting again.

But you know how it is. We cant just suddenly let go of something. Especially if that something is a Social Networking Website like Orkut, and especially when you have 440 odd Friends, most of 'Whom you do Know'.

I tried tricks, I changed my pic so that no one would know that was me.. even my name on the profile. I stopped being 'online' if you get what i mean. I stopped replying to random 'Hi's and 'Ssup's. 'Course I had Gtalk, and for the sad few who did not have Gtalk or don't know how to use it, Sad Luck.

Still I'd end up in there once in a fortnight, but that was improvement.

In the middle of all the commotion, Orkut released the 'Apps' feature, I thought maybe it was trying to get level with Facebook(which i think is better that Orkut, just that the Heart is where Friends are).

So when Prateek Dayal of Muziboo said that I had to make an Orkut app, I was just as apprehensive as him.


Had to request for a Orkut sandbox account first. That took some time. Started out with the Opensocial example, and guess what ... It Worked!! So I changed it so that I could send people G.P.L.'s( and I don't mean the GNU General Public License )instead of peanuts and hazelnuts that the app allowed me to send.

Then I Got started with the Muziboo app.

The first step was easy (Oh yaa ??!!). I had to fetch data from a XSPF (funny how that's pronounced, 'spiff') playlist and display it in the app. Me being ignorant and impatient as always started out wrong with using the AJAX XMLHttpRequst (oh, I love the thing) and failed miserably, again and again before realizing that it did not allow cross site requests.

Prateek pointed out that I should be reading the Opensocial specification closely, and .... Voila, the thing was working. I had made my first Orkut (useless but good for a start) app.

Way to go !!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back In Ballack

Hearts in our mouths we watched until Germany were through.

  • Date :17th June(in India)
  • Time :12:15 a.m. - 2:15 a.m.
  • Venue :Television Set
  • Play : Germany vs Austria
  • Cast :
  1. The German Football Team
  2. Me
  3. Anish (on Gtalk)
  4. and other people in the world supporting Germany

First Half:

Very uneventful, until you count Gomez-missing-a-sitter-pass-served-to-him-on-a-Plate-by-Klose and both-the-coaches-sent-off-into-the-stands as Events.

The first event (if you have agreed to call them so) had forced Anish to consider buying Tickets to Vienna and assassinate Gomez (such is how much we love our Players, or I may be in the wrong direction altogether).
And the coaches were reportedly having a scuffle, and on their way back they were shaking hands. The few minutes of the First Half that followed was even less eventful.

Second Half:

Started glum. Anish had lost hope, I had switched off my monitor, and was lost in the television. So much was I lost that I completely ignored the foul, and ignored my prayers that maybe Ballack will take the free-kick, and will score a awesome Goal.

The next thing I knew was that Ballack had scored an Exceptional Goal. It was the 49th minuite....

...but I knew that we had made it to the Quarter Finals.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Them wild card's

Dear Johnny,

Regarding my last mail, I have been working on bug 16282

I had implemented the enhancements and had mailed to Nagappan. He suggested a few improvements in the coding technique which again I have done and mailed back to him. His response is awaited.

Only GUI support needs to be added into the implementation which I will start working on after Nagappan's response.

Shreyank Gupta.

Oh damn it ... I guess this requires a little more justice....

Ok.. Here goes...

All this time all I was doing on LDTP was looking for bugs... and then i would suggest to Nagappan, the Project maintainer of LDTP, how those could be dealt with... and he would solve them, sometimes following my suggestions sometimes not.

Well now, with a better and a little less buggy thing, I thought the software could do with a little enhancement, to make it a little more user friendly. So what I did was give Naggapan my little suggestion, and he suggested I should straight away post my little enhancement as a little Bug report and get to work with it.

The Enhancement:

LDTP editor is a program, written in Python with a Glade GUI which records things you do on your GNOME desktop, things like starting application, open new tab in a window, save as a file, and even send a mail on Evolution.

What it basically does, is that it records the name of the window where things are happening along with what is happening there. It then has an option to convert the recorded stuff to a python code, which when run, would do exactly the same tasks as it had recorded.

Or at least it is supposed to do that.

But in reality what happens is that the name of a window changes as things are done in it. As for example in Firefox the name of the window depends on what page is showing in it, for now what its showing is
'Blogger: All Sorts Of Things - Edit Post "Them Wild Card's" - Mozilla Firefox'.

So when you run a converted script in the Editor is ceases to run if the name of the window is changed. Fortunately the LDTP engine that runs the python codes the has a feature that enables window names to be passed with wildcards and if we would pass
'*MozillaFirefox*' the code would know we mean the Firefox window.

So my little suggestion was why not use this feature, so that the converted python codes would run even if the window names have changed.

This was my little enhancement....

To solve this problem I wrote a little program in Python, which would input lines with the full window name, and would search an array (a list in Python) of all supported window-names and replace the long window name with a short wild-carded window name. (you get the idea, right)

I showed the program to Nagappan, and he advised me to use the
re library - the RegEx Library in Python, to do it. I did that, it took me a while to figure out the correct RegEx but when i did, the code had shrunk to some 5 lines. Python Rocks!!!

The next few steps were easy, I made the program get the list of supported window names from a separate file. The idea was that there would be a copy supplied to the user, which would be kept in
/usr/share/ldtp/appdata and if the user wanted to add or remove his own window names he could do it with a GUI (that part is still left to be done) and his personal copy would be kept in $HOME/.ldtp/appdata. So the program would 1st give preference to the user's personal copy (that would be the latter one) and in the event it couldn't find it he would look for the mother copy at /usr/share...

Also the file was to read once only if the list was empty, and then once it had a populated list, it would continue to work with it until the program ended.

I then broke the program into 2 functions, and a few global variables ( I wanted to make it into a class, but i don't know what kept me from doing that).

The part that i feared the most turned out to be the easiest, putting the functions into the main software itself. All this time I was writing those programs, I couldn't help diving into the codes and see where I could put in my modules, but as soon as I had it ready, the place suddenly sprang in front of my eyes, and I wondered how I could have overlooked it. A ctrl+C , a ctrl-V and a compile later, the enhancement was done and working. I couldn't believe it !! ( OK... That was a bit dramatic !)

With the job done, I mailed things back to Nagappan, and he replied with a few suggestions on how to improve the coding style mainly to maintain to continuity of the existing code.

That was not asking a lot, I did that too, and now the balls back in his court. Tonight maybe the enhancement will be accepted, and after the implementation of the GUI to add user defined window name support... RESULT !!!

And even ignoring the fact that I did not know any Python a week back, that is an achievement... PYTHON ROCKS AGAIN !!!

Stay tuned for more !

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sorry to scare you like this but this is what I have been doing on my LDTP project in NOSIP.

Won't seem much, but that's because it ain't. :D

Report On Work on LDTP [NOSIP]

Sent from :

Sent to :

CC :,

Dear sir,

So far I have been working mainly on testing LDTP Editor with different applications.

I have started off with Pidgin and found a few bugs which I have reported to Nagappan.

One bug was when newline charecters in Pidgin tabs were not recognised.

That bug was solved by Naggappan.

The 2nd on which I was given to work on was special charecters like the music sign (♫) not getting recognised. I found out the fix to that and reported to nagappan, which he has now apperently implemented.

I have filed the bug reports at Bugzilla.

Here are the links:

Bug 16201

Bug 16202

For the next few days I am to continue looking for bugs on LDTP Editor which either Nagappan or I would be solving.

Thanking you,


Shreyank Gupta.

Dear Nagappan,

Here is the 3rd bug report:



Dear Jony,

This is updating on what I am doing on LDTP.

Following the bug reports on the last three bugs I filed, most of it has been solved by Nagappan and the latest software is compliant of them, except of a few minor glitches which I’m sure will be dealt with. There is some problem regarding on where the output of the LDTP editor is being displayed and though I have come up with a temporary solution for that, its not very acceptable and an alternate solution will be fond for it by Nagappan.

Following that I have suggested an enhancement for the LDTP Editor and filed it as bug report


This is the enhancement I will be working on now.


Shreyank Gupta.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And im serious !!!

On 1st December, 2007 Shreyank Gupta (now who's that?) posted the following in a forum he had created in his own highly unsuccessful community "We the PeeJay Crackers". very few people received the opportunity to read this piece and it had just one comment following it- "Bakwaas band kar". (it means "stop your rubbish"). Just think it deserves a little more attention:

I was not born a PJ cracker ... but circumstances made me one...

Its a very normal human reaction to detest a joke thats cracked on him.... u gotta say its a bad joke...

thats wat happened with me all the time... needless to say some people with no thinking power of their own went with them... sumtimes forcing me to beliv them....

thus this went on.. until it forced me degrade the quality of my jokes....

this may make u belive that PJs are a threat to socity... but its not.... actually its a the product of a very innovative mind.... a mind that is bend on cracking jokes that will force sumone to kick him ....

it forces people stuck in the surreal humour of reality to think out of the line... to move away from the Cover Story of life... it leads them to criticize humour...

it also takes them to a state of unhealthy competition... cos sumone who has just made the most disgusting face known to mankind at my PJ will now crack another PJ ... which he thinks will be a worse one...

but only in its dreams can a mortal soul think of surpassing the class of the PJ king....