Monday, August 2, 2010

FSoC Weekend Hack Sessions

This weekend me and Gaurav sat together and had a look at how FSoC had been shaping up and where it was headed.

Lots of issues were tackled over two days. Listing some of those down here:


• Revised method of setting values and admin credentials in app_settings.yml
• Revamped Admin Dashboard.
• Image upload issue for Certificate.
• FAS registration Module as a Plugin.
• Customisable approach to development.
• Comments and Journal sharing the same Model.
• Calender displaying task deadlines.


• Edit settings.yml from Admin Dashboard.
• More work on the Admin Dashboard.
• Program name Abbr. year. in settings.
• FutureFeature: Project description markup.
• Task date checking for Summer Coding mode.
data_file should go.
• Summer Coding dates to be moved to a settings file.
• URL validation.
• Tabbed/Ajaxified Dashboard, Projects, Users view.
• Failing tests.
• Access Controls go to Models.

These are only the points I got to note down, other than this there were more minor issues handled. Next weekend we plan to sit again and hack. :-)