Thursday, November 26, 2009



I take pleasure to announce that the First Cut of Dorrie is out.

Dorrie is a Web Interface to build customised Fedora Spins and Remixes.

It now allows users to:

  • Select a name of their Spin.
  • Select a Kickstart File to base it upon.
  • Select Language and Timezone.
  • Select Individual Packages as well as Package Groups.
  • Build and Download the modified Kickstart file.

I will also take this opportunity to announce that I will be conducting a workout on Dorrie at FOSS.IN. The workout wiki is nothing more than the default template as I write this blog, but I will fill it up with essential details as soon as I get the login details from the organisers. Do watch that page if you wish to attend FOSS.IN and do participate in the workout if it looks attractive.

The workout will mainly focus on building and downloading Live CD from kickstart but I would also appreciate Interaction Designers to help me out with the Workflow Design.

A lot of work needs to be done to make Dorrie a success. I hope the FOSS.IN workout acts as a catalyst in its development.

Shreyank Gupta.
Developer - Dorrie