Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sorry to scare you like this but this is what I have been doing on my LDTP project in NOSIP.

Won't seem much, but that's because it ain't. :D

Report On Work on LDTP [NOSIP]

Sent from : shreyankg@gmail.com

Sent to : jjohnny@novell.com

CC : nagappan@gmail.com, vvaradhan@novell.com

Dear sir,

So far I have been working mainly on testing LDTP Editor with different applications.

I have started off with Pidgin and found a few bugs which I have reported to Nagappan.

One bug was when newline charecters in Pidgin tabs were not recognised.

That bug was solved by Naggappan.

The 2nd on which I was given to work on was special charecters like the music sign (♫) not getting recognised. I found out the fix to that and reported to nagappan, which he has now apperently implemented.

I have filed the bug reports at Bugzilla.

Here are the links:

Bug 16201

Bug 16202

For the next few days I am to continue looking for bugs on LDTP Editor which either Nagappan or I would be solving.

Thanking you,


Shreyank Gupta.

Dear Nagappan,

Here is the 3rd bug report:



Dear Jony,

This is updating on what I am doing on LDTP.

Following the bug reports on the last three bugs I filed, most of it has been solved by Nagappan and the latest software is compliant of them, except of a few minor glitches which I’m sure will be dealt with. There is some problem regarding on where the output of the LDTP editor is being displayed and though I have come up with a temporary solution for that, its not very acceptable and an alternate solution will be fond for it by Nagappan.

Following that I have suggested an enhancement for the LDTP Editor and filed it as bug report


This is the enhancement I will be working on now.


Shreyank Gupta.

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