Saturday, January 10, 2009


When you come to look at it, we have always been divided!

There has always been some discrimination on the basis of race, colour, case, religion, region, language. There has always been division. Be it the Hindus and the Muslims in India, the Whites and the Blacks in the States or the Bangus (Bengalis) and the Non-Bangus here at NIT Durgapur.

There is always this communal clashes. When you look closer there are no differences at all. Just this tension, that has always been there since we noticed and promises to be there till the end.

A person on one side may be as good and logical as the person on the other side. We are just forced to believe otherwise. It is my belief that there is no Good or Bad, there are just preconceived notions, some baseless conventions to force people into illusions. The problem is the submissive nature of the greater population. No one is willing to step up and challenge these stuff.

Because once someone does that it will be clear that it has been meant to be this way. We have been forced into this differences so that we so engrossed in fighting between ourselves, that we overlook some greater forces at play. Because they don't want us to question, we are just meant to blindly follow!

They use their DivideAndConquer policies to seed differences between us, and instil RIOTS!

Once people come to the realisation of peace, they will create some other distraction. Like conjure some words like 'Terrorism' out of thin air and call
Them That Stepped Up To Question, 'Terrorists'. Anything to keep prying eyes away from the real truth...

They have been ruling over us for a long time. They have been controlling every aspect of our lives and we are nothing but means of profit to them. Its not their fault, that is what they do. Its how our society has been set up, Maximizing Profits have always been our ultimate aim!

Its upto Us now. We can either keep fighting among ourselves for illusive reasons or we could unite ourselves, and identify the real enemy. Or they will continue to use us like slaves, and we will always be too busy resolving differences between us to notice.

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