Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Right Eye

Its all blurry...

I went to see a doctor today at Benachity. She said I had some viral infection in my right eye, and minor conjunctivitis in both eyes (I think the latter is not true, but I won't mention why I think so)

I had to take an injection and my left arm was stiff for some time. I have been prescribed a whole lotta medicines and eye drops which I am to take till Thursday when I am to visit the Doc again.

I have been advised not to wash my eyes, and complete eye rest. I am not supposed to be sitting in front of my Computer (which makes me useless), but still I am blogging.

I will make a pirate-like eye-patch for my left eye, and maybe I can do some work then. I am not getting an elastic strap to make it.

Hope it inspires a fashion statement...

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