Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A lot is going on...

... and I need to clear my mind if I am going to survive in this mess.

Yesterday I came back from Spring Fest at IIT Kharagpur, and it was an awesome experience (hard to find other adjectives these days). I thought of writing an entire blog post on the happenings at SF but that would not do enough justice to it, so I have decided to do no justice to it at all! Would like to mention the 3rd prize our drama team won (again), though I thought it deserved better; and our college winning the SF Chamionships (an In-Your-Face to the professors who did us no good). Not to mention a lot more things which a lot of the readers of this post know already, something to do with three and a half days at SF and three and a half years in college... to be honest I found it funny!

And then I would like to count the damages. One, finacially I am BROKE! Two, my eyes hurt. Add to that my inherrent lethargy, and we have a LOSER!

To top that the college fest season is coming, and that means my workload is at a maximum. My pending work includes:
1. Fast Lane online quiz app for Motor Zungdung, the auto fest.
2. Free-P-L, the IPL based game show for Mukti, of which the software I made needs to be ported to GNU/Linux, or remade (gosh!!)
3. The Free Market need to be made extra-feature rich to make the ongoing game more intresting.
4. Hoardes of other Mukti work...
5. I'll have to start attending classes!

Time is less, and all I'm doing is sleeping, 'eating sandwiches', sleeping, doing stupid stuff like drawing with charcoal on the terrace, and sleeping.

My mind is full of distractions. I'll have to clear it up and do some actual work now...

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Rahul Jha said...

1. I got the "eating sandwiches" part. HIMYM.
2. Drawing with charcoal on the terrace is not a stupid work.