Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Free Market is in Business!

The following blog may not make much sense as its after 20 hours of sleepless frustration, but I finally managed to get The Free Market up and running without breaking anything in my room or on my body!

After a month long of coding on Ruby on Rails, an experience which deserves more than one blog entry, and more than a hundred adjectives(lame), its still a lot buggy and feature-less, but its working nonetheless.

The url still shows the port number in the end, but thanks to Kumarjit's novel idea and some ruthless parsing, we managed to authenticate a user with the Mukti '09 Registration Database! So make sure you register with Mukti '09 if you want to participate!

The first 5 days is the Initial Public Offer (IPO) period, so do register by then. You may register after that as well, but then you will not get the feel of a bidder! :P

The application is still in its initial stages so don't plan to assassinate me if you find it behaving absurdly. Just drop me a mail and I'll do the needful!

Happy Trading!

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Kumarjit said...

Thanks for mentioning me :D