Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stream of Thoughts

Just gave Scrubs Season 3 DVD to Nitin to copy it for me into my pen drive, because its getting stuck in my DVD drive. Episode 1 was running good, it stuck somewhere in episode 2. I hope he is not having problems copying or else I will have to look in the LAN again, which will be tough considering the fact that my linuxdcpp client is crashing all the time, and I am having trouble installing the valknut client Debayan and Vignesh are using as its not there in the Mandriva repositories.

Scrubs Season two was good. I finished the entire thing in one night, except that in between I had to work on some bugs that my last work on ooldtp support for ldtpeditor had. Getting rid of the bugs were harder than implementing the feature. Its now fixed in GIT.

I have also applied for developer of LDTP to Hope it gets approved soon.

Speaking of getting approved Prateek Dayal wrote a great blogabout our Muziboo App not getting approved by Orkut.

Just one another Feature to implement in ldtpeditor after which I will move on to either Mono or the Red Hat Internship. Hope those will help me in getting a better job.

As for college placements, I don't think I will be studying for any companies considering the fact that most good companies are either getting canceled or postponed due to some reason or the other.

Tomorrow we will go to S.N. Sarkar our "Professor and Head, Training, Placement and Student Welfare" as he likes to be known to "talk" about the bad placement of CSE, IT and MCA Departments, but I don't think anything good will come out of it.

In any case, I will go back home tomorrow as its been a long and disppointing (in most ways) stay out here. There is a three day weekend with Independance Day tomorrow, so I will be back this Sunday.

I was terribly homesick, sad and depressed Yesternight, mainly because it was my friend's birthday back home, and I had no idea what I was doing here in college, as everyone of my colony friend circle was enjoying. Very childish and immature but that's that. My apologies to everybody with whom I was rude or ignored.

I really hope that the Linux InstallFest we are planning come out good, as most people are having apprehensions, not that its bad as it does help in bringing out the flaws and avoiding them, thus helping into a better InstallFest.

Episode 2 is not getting copied so I guess I will have to look somewhere for it.

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