Friday, August 1, 2008

Bullets !

I think its a long time since I blogged last, but the reasons were not lack of materials!

So i decided to jot down a few observations, thoughts and recollections which I hope you will consider a valid blog entry! (The heading does in no way refer to the shiny and streamlined metal objects that kill living beings when shot from a gun).

  • The night I arrived to college was interesting considering the fact that the bus Me (yes, M capital) and Souvik Ray were coming back to college on broke its front-right tyre somewhere midway Kolkata and Durgapur. Even more interesting was the fact that both of us were carrying their luggage and computers(desktops) in that bus.

  • In a span of 10 days I have spent over Rs 1000 and all of it was spent and not lost. All I can account for is that most of the money was spent on Food and yet I have lost a lot in Body Volume.

  • Contact Lenses are sometimes comfortable but most of the times hurt the eye.

  • I am drinking more water here than I was back at home.

  • I inducted two juniors, Roshan Kr Singh and Shailesh (surname unknown) into LDTP and feel happy about it. They seem to be making great progress!

  • On my 2nd week back at college I have finally changed my sleeping patterns. I now go to sleep at about 4 am (instead of 6 a.m.) and wake up at 12:30 pm just in time to catch lunch. I have not however tasted breakfast at Hall 4.

  • Single-seater rooms are boring.

  • I am staying for the 4th year in a row beside the stairs, though that is not what I am complaining about.

  • I went out to buy a bucket but ended up buying everything except a bucket (a soap-case, a pillow and a net-thingy to keep dirty clothes in) none of which I really needed. I still don't have a bucket.

  • I did not understand anything of the movie Mullholland Drive.

  • I was not studying for Novell when I was seemingly eligible for it, but from the time there is a doubt on my eligibility, I have started serious (well somewhat) preparations.

  • Switched to windows only twice for an hour each to play Counter Strike. Rest of the time I have been running Mandriva on my system.

  • A frog sits from 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on my doorstep at exactly the same spot every night. I am not worried about the frog but about the snake that may come looking for it.

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zahid said...

Random observations on the first friday of the week !!! Fridays are famous for the net inflation rise/decline statistics and the reviews of just relaeased movies !!!

And why dont you grow a squirrel to protect your frog from the snake??
Good idea isnt it?