Friday, August 21, 2009

Tab Auto-Completion in Python Shell

Strangely enough, I discovered that I do not get bash-like auto-completion in my python interactive shell.

Looking up helped.

Just need to have a file called .pythonrc in your home directory containing the following:

import os
import sys

import readline
except ImportError:
print "Module readline not available."
import rlcompleter
readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")

Apparently, that was not enough. I also needed to add the following line to my .bashrc file (in my home directory again).

export PYTHONSTARTUP=~/.pythonrc

That's all. Open a new shell and start the python shell.

And enjoy auto-completion!


Anonymous said...

Or you can use ipython. :-)

John said...

Thank you for the tip =).

Michael Scherer said...

We have enabled this in Mandriva by default without people complaining since some years, so I think this would be safe and useful to be enabled on fedora ( and in other distribution too ).

Abhishek said...

It is by default there in openSuse

Yankee said...

Why not convince upstream python to include this as a default so that its expected behavior for everyone? Then there isnt a patchwork of expected behavior, which is the current situation.

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Clive said...

Just studying python at cambridge so thanks for the info.

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Leire said...

We have enabled this in Mandriva by default, love python !

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anon said...

just use ipython in future.

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Anthon van der Neut said...

The code looks the same as Irmen's blog from 2004 ( )

But why include import os and import sys and not use them?