Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dear Juniors,

Its the start of a new academic year and I know you feel very fresh after a long stretch of summer vacations. Hope you enjoyed them to the fullest.

But now that you are back to college, the usual worry crops up:

"Will I get a decent job?"

You tell me "Placements are poor!". I say it was inevitable. With the software companies having more on their plates than they can eat and the recent economic chew-up, this scenario was more than expected. Lets say its sad luck, so now what?

For those in final year, my advise is don't let the last few fun days of your lives go to waste looking for a job. Its not time yet. This can be your most productive year in college. There is another whole year of you life you can learn.

Yes, learn. And don't just learn something because you can learn. Learn because you need to. So how does that work?

Think of something you like. Something new you want to develop. A brilliant idea. Its natural you may not have the requisite knowledge to get it done. List down the ways it can be done. Google up. Ask for help on IRC, drop mails to mailing lists. Communicate. Get people to appreciate your idea and contribute to its enrichment. Use other's experience. Chalk up a plan.

Once you have a plan in place draw up a time-line. Make it flexible. A time-line is very important as it keeps the idea afloat. List down the minimum things you need to learn in order to make something which minimally resembles your idea. Learn.

This way of learning is fun as you have a motivation for learning stuff. Its as if you are building a stair in order to reach up. Always keep the goal in mind when learning. Relate how each and every detail fits in with your goal.

Once you think you can start with building your stuff, start on it. Put the rest of your learning as and when you require it. There'll be obstacles, many of them. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Before asking questions, look up and try gathering information yourself. And ask valid, strong and complete questions. The stronger and more complete a question is, the more easier it will be for the other person to help you out. Never look of spoon-fed solutions. Read up, understand the context. You will feel as if you solved the problem without help. Its a different level of excitement altogether.

As a developer one can never stop learning. There is just too many stuff to learn. Its a whole world out there to explore.

Well then coming back to the problem at hand. Once you have something minimal ready, release it. Do not wait for the correct moment. "Release early, Release broken" as they say. Its natural to have snags and edges. You will get enough feedback to help you sustain your motivation.

Where you go from here onward is entirely upto you.

Join a community you want to be a part of. Communicate with people. Build reputation. Discuss matters. Ideas are just waiting to be born and implemented.

Enjoy the journey, do not worry about where the path leads to. Wherever you reach by the time you finish college, I'm sure you'll have found your place.


Varsha Jaikumar said...

Truly motivating. The first ever motivating factor that led me into this field was the dedication of Debayan Bhaiya towards FOSS. I can say you are another such motivation for me. :)

pranay agarwal said...

that is really motivating! thanks bhaiya

viggy said...

Golden and serious words by Shrink and strangely no PJ. Something is really wrong in Pune

kkn said...

Is it not too developer specific?
The suggested course of action seems too particularly channelised for comfort.

It's the flu. Don't worry.

$hRiNk said...

@kkn guilty as charged.
@viggy love you! :D

sankarshan said...

@kkn the term "developers" could be extrapolated to all sorts of legitimate participation that helps develops skills. For example, those who have the bent for producing well rounded and, deeply thought pieces of text can also use the generic meaning to think within and, figure how it relates to their passions and interests.

And, it can go forth. The important aspect is perhaps to comprehend two things - time is of essence and, this is the window of learning. Making best use of it to focus on the essentials while spending time productively would lead to benefits in a short span.

@Shreyank - nice work in getting this out in time.

Rahul Jha said...

This is what I love about Shreyank. What he thinks is very uncluttered, sometimes very romantic and not even practical, but you know deep inside, if you give it a shot, you might just make it. And if you do make it, or even close, then it was totally worth it.
Awesome stuff, Shrink, hope you don't ever lose this simplistic approach towards life ...