Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Puja Vacations of 2007 was the time I had for the first time taken a train journey across the country from Kolkata to Pune with a guy called Souvik Ray for publicity purpose of a failed thing called Mukti '08. Puja Vacations of 2007 was the time when I fell in love with this place called Pune and decided that if I ever got a choice of where I would work, I would choose Pune.

Summer of 2009, here I am at this place called Kalyani Nagar in Pune working at a company called Red Hat.

Its been roughly 75 hours since I landed up at the Pune Airport. Seems like a week already. Not that I have done a lot of things since I landed here. But I certainly can do with some more company (no not another employer).

I am liking the work here. Time passes quickly if I'm working. The clock slows down when I'm idle. Speaking of clocks I can just see the time but actually have no sense of how its running(thanks to the time meridian difference from Kolkata [India should seriously think about having two TimeZones]) and certain other reasons I'm not sure of).

First night at the guest house was a ghastly experience (I would blame it on a properly timed BlackOut and the thought of a DeadBody floating in the bathtub planted in my head). I'm living alone in the 3 BHK(new term, means 3 bedrooms + 1 hall + 1 kitchen) guesthouse-cum-flat.

Kalyani Nagar is a costly place, more so to a working man (ye, I'm a MAN now) like me who has not got his first salary yet. More so when there is a MacD + BigBazaar + CCD + SubWay + KFC + MORE + ShoppersStop and a whole lotta other brands just near my office+GuestHouse. But wandering around the place without a companion is really sad. :( (I sound desperate when I really am)

Third day at office is about to end. I really and sincerely hope I make some friends here and fast. Without that I guess I won't last here long (figure of speech).

Wish me luck! :)


Kushagra said...

Must be boring -I'm similarly stuck in Mumbai, Iknow some 5-6 people who are all having their exams this month - and no work to occupy me either! By the way, Basu's in Pune too!

kurchi said...

hey...nice u r a earning man now :)

all the best!

Rahul Jha said...

Hey buddy, don't be disheartened... I miss you barging in my room at the dead of the night, listening to last fm, or watching a "The Who" concert... or going to night jhoops... I'm a prisnor at home too. And i do remember ur "All-Pune-Universe" thing, where we r again all back together... maybe tht'll happen someday.

Rangeen said...

Hey Shrink, Best of luck on "making some new friends and fast" front. So you are probably the first one to join the rat race (read corporate world). Best of luck on that too. Your posts are becoming more and more interesting (or is my definition of interesting deteriorating) as time passes. Keep posting these nice little updates of yours, as we don't have much to do now that we are at home. Keep up the good work ( work as in work and also blogging).....