Sunday, May 17, 2009

Into the Wild

Yesterday while walking my way back from Koregaon Park to Kalyani Nagar, I lost my way. I walked some three kilometres extra. Total of five kilometres. Alone. At the dead of night. After midnight.

Things I saw on the road were strange. My thoughts, however, were different.

The last four years have been so happy. Stuck in a small place called Durgapur, with nothing more important to do than organising some fests, with your friends all around you. Bunking classes. Studying a day before the examination. Visting home once_in_a_while. That was so unrealistic. So not RealWorld.

This was so inevitable that you did not want to realise it before. But now when reality comes and hits you hard on the face, you can all but ignore it.

High time when you realised the importance of hard work. How there is no second chance in this real life. How values you had assumed to be something have totally different values than what you can possibly imagine. Plans you had made for the future were actually fantacies and differ a lot from what is actually in store for you.

Friends you had taken for granted, made for free, that you have left behind. Now now that you start afresh with a clean board you realise the effort that goes into earning the trust of someone.

Now that you have enjoyed your dream, wake up. Brush your teeth, wash your face, wear your specks. And when you look out of your balcony, you'll notice that the world below is much more stranger than you had always wanted it to be.


Debayan said...

+1 to everything

Bassman said...

Ya the real world does scare wish we were back in that unrealistic world of ours....

Rangeen said...

Don't yet understand the difference between the real world and our very sweet unrealistic world as I am still enjoying the pampering love of my mother and father at home. But I can assure you one thing that you will get used to all these, everybody does. The world will change you though everyone dreams to do just the opposite and they rarely succeed. But you should not still lose hope. What I am saying is that when you get used to all these, you will look back one day and our lovely unrealistic world will seem stranger to you than you ever thought. Well my words are sounding a little incoherent now. I think I should stop. But one thing I would like to learn, did you enjoy the 5 Km walk?

$hRiNk said...

Strange looking and strangely dressed people come out into the streets at Koregaon Park after hours! :O

Rahul Jha said...

Well, the college was like this "Wonderland". But if we forever be in wonderland, it would lose it's worth... that's why great things in life come in small, yet awesome packages. So, when it's over, it leaves a sweet taste in the mouth, leaves you craving for more... more like that chocolate brownie we used to have at CCD.