Saturday, September 20, 2008


Its the 4th and Final Verve of our College life (lets face it how many people get to experience VerveLike Events in their College Life)...  And I just finished doing the Software for one of their Events...

The event's called GPL and its loosely based in the Indian Premier League (IPL)... Cosisting of Bidding and matchwise contests. I did it in JSP as that is the only server side scripting I know of.

It was tough, the implementation... not because the task was difficult but because a lot was to be done in too less time. And it had to be Bugless. Not necessary full of good features, but one minor bug on stage could throw he entire event heywire.

But still I have done what I could to make it easy to use, and work with. And with only half a Dry Run... I don't think its totally tested. But ya, it contains no bug we (me and Manish) know of.

And it has taken some (read Three) sleepless nights, not to mention Code Cracker 2.0 Episode 2 on Wednesday Night(which I basically did not admin, but had some hand in it starting 30 mins after Scheduled Time) and the Big DJ Fiasco Thursday Night(which consisted of me going totally unprepared on stage to perform with a non-perrforming set of Headphones, a WontWorkOnJustAnySurface Mouse and a Laptop with no charge, and the Power Man not switching on the Power resulting in two mid performance Sleeps[the lappy slept, not me], also included a trip to Benachity to get a Old Guy prepare me yet another set of Splitters as I had lost my last one).

Because of a Class test that didnt happen I have had only 3 hours of sleep Last Night (read Morning) and accompanied by lots of development (Software wise) and Verve 2k8 starting of today with All Sorts of Things (ya thats the name of my team as well) qualifing the Word Smyth 
Prilims but coming in last two and getting WildCarded and DartDefeated out.

Just Finished with the software (oh did I mentioned that already), and now going of to sleep. Events start tomorrow (read today) morning at 9:00 and what's me doing blogging I have no idea.

Anyway(s) off to sleep, and hope me having the best knowledge of the GPL rules help us a bit Tomorrow. Cheers!!


zahid said...

I dont know what im doin here commentin on it still later while events start at 9 am today and i have an AIMCAT at 10-30 am today itself :(

It was fun playin it.. And lots of thanks on part of all the teams for making GPL a success !!! It was flawless and it was very well designed (read user friendly).

It was fun playin it on stage.... The first time in three years of verve !!!

รσυßнٱk said...

its flawless,bugless but coz u didnt get the full scenario of the event we didnt get thru grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........

(member all sorts of things)


rangeen said...

You should have blogged this after one more day. Then people would have had the opportunity to congratulate you(harass you for a treat) cause as far as I know, you won a good half grand..

N.B: Me doing the same....
In your face....

stuntman mike said...

nice post buddy ... and did i say i love you .. well then mmuaah !!