Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Best Friend's Uncle's Wedding

I left home at 3:00 pm yesterday, and came back at 6:am today. Its been a long day !

Had been to Nitin's uncle's wedding yesterday. After my experiences I have compiled a list of DOs and DON'Ts people should keep in mind in case they get to organize a Wedding.

Here goes:

1. Never demand too much from your friends and call them at the engagement too which you schedule a day before the Wedding. Else they miss the engagement and then they get so over-burdened with the load of responsibility that they would have to buy new Contact Lenses in case they break their spectacles the night before (more so if they are miopic sporting -5.25L and -6.50R )

2. Never tell your friends to come at a time at which you would never be able to reach yourself. Even if you know your friends are always 2 hours late, don't forget that they would go to buy their contact lenses at the same place where you have the wedding, and they may just as well arrive in time.

3. If they call you and tell you that they are there and where are you all?? - dont ever tell them to come over to the guest house you are staying, because it will be another hour before they leave, so they can all leave together.

4. Even if you make all the above mistakes, don't hand them a Brittle-Handle-with-Care type of object which is so heavy they can barely hold on to it.

5. Don't put them in a taxi's front seat with the driver on their right, a girl he barely knows on his left, the gear handle under him, 3 aunties behind him, and the huge Brittle-Handle-with-Care type of object (which turned out later to be 4 lavishly decorated mirrors) on his lap.

6. Always predict beforehand whether there is going to be a electric-fire to greet the guests accompanied by huge bellowing clouds of smoke, and people running all around with gas cylinders lest they explode. So much that the Bride and Groom and a few other people have to take refuge in the Bathroom-Fittings showroom opposite the Wedding spot, watching fire-fighters fight the fire.

7. Never start the wedding 4 hours late(fire or no fire), in a partially burnt down lobby with 14 A.C.s none of them powered on, and a undamaged-by-fire conference room with all A.C.s in full power.

8. Have just starters and desserts for food. No need for the main course.

9. Have loads of coffee, so that your friends don't turn up pestering you every 15 minutes whether the coffee is coming or not (even though you are on the Groom's side and have no idea what is on menu).

10. Never end the marriage at 2 a.m. so that people who have no idea what's going on have to stay on as there is no way they can go home that late.

11. If your friend wants to go home at 5 a.m. in the morning, don't ask questions, just let him go, he's already had enough.

Gosh I'm tired...


kurchi said...

humorous as usual!...:)

raaju said...

NICE NICE !! I am a big fan of ur blogs !! carry on good work

Nitin said...

kamina!!!but i still love it!!

Priya said...
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