Thursday, July 10, 2008

The G.U.I.

After a month's break from LDTP ( reasons include a bad modem,, and fear of PyGtk) ... seems like I finally did it.

For all those who had missed my last post on LDTP here's a Quick Recap (more for me than for the readers) :

  1. A series of bug-reports and their respective fixes by Nagappan which combined with a few other bits of development let to LDTP 1.2.0 (reports of which can be found here, there and here-too [dont forget to spot my name in the report :D]).
  2. I had filed a enhancement for LDTP Editor that would allow it to execute recorded-and-converted scripts even if the name of the window the script is executing on changes during execution (which generally does change).
  3. I had implemented the logic behind this enhancement using RegEx and a user-editable database of Supported Applications.
What remained was to add a GUI to support this feature which required knowledge of PyGtk which I sadly lacked.

So after getting my modem replaced and my Mandriva reinstalled (dunno why it wasn't booting, maybe something to do with the frequent Power-Cuts) I sat down with a fresh copy of LDTP (installed through GIT).
Took me sometime to bring it up-to-date with my last work. This time instead of looking through I browsed through PyGtk - GNOME Live! as recommended by Nagappan a month before.

A day (read 6 working hours) later, I had the GUI running fine.

(I told you it wasn't that scary!!!)

So a few more screenshots for the readers...

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