Wednesday, May 28, 2008

secure shell

just for the records(that's what blogs are for you idiot !!!)


seems that i have successfully configured the LUG server to manage SSH accounts. debayan was planning from a long time since after he had made the repository. the plan was to make ssh accounts for everyone in the core committee and the SDU, who was intersted for one. what the hell, he was not going to do everything and me just sit (read: sleep) and watch.

suddenly i discovered that logging through SSH as meant I had to provide the password of my personal username instead of the root password ( took so long for you to figure that out, you air-head).

just ignore the person in brackets.....

thus i had discovered that i had found a way of creating SSH accounts. but i kept implementing the thing for later.

later debayan pointed out that all users should be limited to a certain disk space or we would soon be facing space constrains on the server ( as if...).

so i researched a bit. linux adminstration handbook (ok i got it from the library to study in the vacations) mentioned a command:
#copy disk quota settings from
protouser to newuser
edquota -p
protouser newuser

which was no use as we did have a protouser to copy from. it aslo mentioned that using disk quotas was obsolete because disk space has become cheaper (i am a proud owner of desktop too and take it from me:
HARD DISKS are not cheap)

other than this it had no other opinion on the matter. so don't pester me about getting a book to read from the library because the only book
(only ????)

so where was i ... ya only book i got from the library was useless. (hope that was a sufficient enough excuse)

so i googled( should have done it earlier).

googling is a tedious but a sure method. none of the pages had complete information. but 4-5 results together and i had a idea what it was all about.

i also learnt that /home and /var/www/html had separate mount points. it involved me editing the /etc/fstab file to include quota support in those mount points and remounting them. also i had to make a aquota.something file in those directories to store quota info. (reminds me a lot of my youth for equality days)

i saw that the rest of the steps had me editing the quota for a user file using specific commands you don't wanna know about. so i did a good thing. i made a user named
sshidol (inspired by indian idol which in turn was inspired by american idol) and i edited that user to allow it 20 mb of space in /home and 10 mb in the www folder. thus i could use the 'edquota -p' (see above) command to copy the settings to any new user ( so that was useful in a way).

i have the settings copied for my and debayans account. so its out for a test.

soon we would be making SSH accounts for all concerned. if you think you deserve an SSH account in the lug server, please do contact me. (after the testing is over).

p.s i was on windows while i did all this and i used putty a SSH client for windows. so if you get an SSH account and don't have linux do try it out.

ps. ps. ill not be using capital letters as punctuations anymore, its better to type this way (you lazy @@!!@##!)


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