Saturday, May 31, 2008


That's the most one could ask for.

A new running website, in just 3 days, thanks to drupal.

It all happened suddenly. Souvik who was originally supposed to do the website, suddenly called me and surrendered. He had lot more in his hands to worry about.

That night Debayan sends me a link to another CMS platform Plone. Says he has seen the videos, this one looks awesome, so lets make the website with plone instead of drupal. I told him no, cos i had been going through the 1st few pages of a Drupal manual I had downloaded and I didn't want it to be for vain.( it was not the 1st time I had gone through the 1st few pages of a book, but you know how it is!! )

So we dowloaded a few drupal videos that night,( it was after 3 am), mine being slower I was busy watching "The Usual Suspects"(nice movie believe me) and he had within an hour already seen them and installed the Website. Within 5 am we had a working website.

The next day Debayan was missing so I did a few things with the website( my favorite being changing the theme every 1 hour). The night I was asleep as Debayan worked.

By noon today we had all the correct modules and blocks and nodes is place, and with all the user management taken care of, I had already started publisizing the new website.

People pestering me about the theme: heres for you, this is just a for-the-time-being theme. Rahul Jha is supposed to have made a template for the website. I will change that into a drupal theme and trust me( if you trust Rahul, and trust me you can trust Rahul) it is going to be a treat for the eyes.

All people reading this: please register, you need not be a LUG member in order to register, and in case you are contact me or any other moderator, and they'll give you the necessary permissions of a paid LUG member(ofcource they enjoy more facilities).

A lot more work is to be done on the website and we will be ready to replace the old one. Please drop in comments on what you like and what you don't, we will try to follow most. (Arjun Lath your wishes have been answered!!)

I think me and Debayan have doen a great job with the website(and if that sounds as if I an bragging, well can't help it :D).

And as a wise man once said, "Give two Linux enthusiasts a Web Server and remote access to it, and get ready to see them do Magic".

.... Okay, that was me !!

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egoleo said...

Hey, i think drupal is really awesome but i have tried plone and i feel is really far better. At least have a look at the entire site. Then u can really decide for yourself. But then is a pain developing with python. And i guess that is why pple opt for drupal which is php. :)