Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Expressions of a Regular kind

Always feels satisfying when I go for a test somewhat prepared. Can't seem to remember when the last time was. I know its quite a far-fetched hope to get good marks, but that I am going prepared, careless of who is going to be sitting next to me... is overwhelming.

Unlike all the CompSci (this way it at least sounds good) papers so far, Automata seems a welcome relief. I won't say its an easy subject, but compared to what all they made us study in the past semesters, its too damn interesting. Too bad I was so busy this semester (Oh really ??!!! ) that the last 2 days were all I got to spend with the subject. Maybe if I had some free time this sem (Again!??!) , I could have known enough to at least satisfy D. Ghosh at our Grand Viva.

My personal favorites among the many interesting topics were:

1. The Pigeon-hole principle- It states that if 'm' objects are placed in 'n' boxes, where m>n, there will be at least one box which will have more than one object. (interesting, isn't it??)

2. The
game we play with the opponent when we prove a grammar to be not regular using the Pumping Lemma, (please don't ask me to explain it to you... I'd like to save some answers for the test tomorrow). In the game the opponent chooses a value, then you get to choose your value such that it limits your opponents choices in his next turn so that it will force him to make choices that will eventually lead to your victory, thus the statement being proved.

So this leads us to making a few conclusions.

1. I am feeling sleepy now.

2. I have to wake up at 7 am tomorrow (oops, today) which I have no idea how I would be able to manage.

3. Wish me loads of luck for the test.

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P.S. And my test was indeed good !!